Why I Write This Blog, and What It Is

cartoon me

This blog is intended primarily to serve as a personal reading log, where I record my initial, raw thoughts on the books I have read. These are thoughts that may be completely fresh, written minutes after I’ve turned the last page, or they may have been percolating in my head for a few days as I try to figure out what my specific response to a given work is (and why). I proofread my Reading Logs, but they don’t go through the same process of multiple revisions and rewritings that my fiction and essays. A blog is a bit more ephemeral and the writing on here isn’t going to be quite as polished. I think of it as letter-writing: I don’t want to make embarrassing mistakes, but it’s a conversational exercise, not an exercise of meticulously reworked composition. My post count, reading time, my fiction and nonfiction writing, music, and social life would suffer if I blogged that way.

This blog also serves as a journal of my creative endeavors. I write about playing music and writing, the two main artistic pursuits at this point in my life. I’ve only been writing seriously for a little under a year now, so I’m still pretty fresh and I hope my learning process might be useful to others. After all, you’re reading this for some reason. Maybe you know me in real life, maybe you’re an internet stranger who’s found that we share similar tastes, maybe you even enjoy my perspective on books. I’m writing this stuff because I need to on a personal level and I’m publishing it online because I think it might be worth reading.


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