Reading Log: Tin House 57 (WILD)

I’m sold. A subscription to Tin house is definitely in my immediate future (as soon as I read the other back issue on my desk). There was very little in here that I didn’t like, and plenty of stuff that really grabbed me and stuck in my mind for a few days: Albert Goldbarth’s poetry, Arthur Bradford’s hilarious story ‘Turtleface’, and Aspen Matis’s powerful account of finding and reading John Muir’s ‘Travels in Alaska’. The issue was well-curated, with a cohesive sense of theme and connection, and the selections were outstanding of their own merit.

I’ve really been enjoying reading journals lately. As powerful as a long, cohesive piece of work is (like the recently-read Cormac McCarthy book ‘The Crossing’) there’s plenty of merit in casting a wide net. If I might extend the metaphor, casting your net into waters that have proven themselves to be both bountiful and curated makes for some excellent fishing.


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