Don’t Forget about The Art of Fiction


Image via The Paris Review

Just a bit of a PSA today. Unless you have an ontological opposition to reading interviews, you should absolutely check out the back catalog of The Paris Review. The have posted most of their interview series “The Art of Fiction” online, and there are some pretty heavy hitters up there. Some of my personal favorites are Milan Kundera, Vonnegut, Hemingway, and Faulkner, but it’s hard to find a bad one. Even interviews with authors I don’t particularly care for are still interesting enough to be worthwhile (*cough-Jonathan-Franzen-cough*).

So go take a look. Skim through the list and see what jumps out at you. These are nice, long interviews, usually composites of many meeting, poured over and collected. The work of interviewing itself always seems well done, and generally seem to be the best interview given to any particular author.



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