Reading on Your Phone, #Longreads, and Attention Spans

I rely on my phone more than I want to. I’m aware of my tendencies in this regard -I didn’t even get a smartphone until the beginning of 2015. And as much as I resent the damn thing’s ability to intrude into my life and tempt me toward wasting time, there are some redeeming qualities.

1: Kindle app.

I use my old Generation 2 Kindle on backpacking trips -there’s nothing like reading “Lolita” at the base of Cathedral Dome in Yosemite. This means I’ve got a pretty decent collection of ebooks, and I can access everything I’ve stored in Amazon’s cloud with the Kindle Reader app. It’s nice if I get stuck somewhere without a book -I don’t like reading on my phone as much as on the e-ink Kindle screen, (or ideally, a paper book) but it’s still damn useful.


Longreads has a great social media presence, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how often very good creative nonfiction comes my way via Facebook. The work they present is always well written and usually very interesting.

(Since many of you read this via WordPress, here is their blog:

3: You know what, just… don’t download games.

Don’t download games, or anything that you’ll go to out of a reflex habit in response to a passing sense of boredom. Former Reddit addict here -there’s a reason I’ve never gone to Reddit on my phone. If you’re trying to eat well, you don’t by shitty food that’s easy to get into. If you’re trying to develop your intellect, don’t leave yourself with the attention-span equivalent of Twinkies and Lays Potato Chips.


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