Book Fight!

Book Fight is a easily my favorite literary podcast out of the half-dozen or so that I listen to. I’ve mentioned them here before, but they are in the midst of a publicity drive in lieu of fund-raising, and since I’m a broke-ass sometimes-teacher in underfunded (underpaying) public schools, I relish the chance to be able to participate without putting myself in an uncomfortable financial situation.

Book Fight is a podcast produced by and featuring a couple of guys who went through the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, who teach Creative Writing at Temple, who do a fair bit of writing themselves, and who are editors at Barrelhouse Magazine, that wonderful intuition of letters at the intersection of literary inebriation and reality television.

Go download Book Fight on iTunes. Listen to a couple episodes. Mike and Tom kick ass, and they manage to offer damn good literary perspectives on every genre of writing imaginable, a practical perspective on the acts of writing and teaching writing, and a sufficient degree of condemnation pointed at whole damn edifice that is the literary world. And they’re funny as hell.

Recommendation: Go. Listen.


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