Book Fight Blurb

I got blurbed by Book Fight! And it’s a good one: (more info about Book Fight and their relationship with book blurbs here-

“Sean VanSickel is like Roadhouse meets Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, where Dalton is played by Channing Tatum and Dalton’s love interest is played by a pair of nun-chucks, and the blind bluesman is Pitbull, and all the bad guys are actual pit bulls, and there’s no bar and no town and really it’s just a story about the world’s most famous bouncer wandering through a post-apocalyptic hellscape, and fending off packs of pit bulls with grumbling stomachs and a taste for human flesh, and also Pitbull is there, and he sings some stuff, but his autotune machine is broken, and also it’s never entirely clear if he exists or if he’s just a figment of Channing Tatum’s imagination, so that’s sort of a subplot, but mostly the movie is just Channing Tatum fighting a bunch of badass pit bulls, and his catchphrase is ‘let’s find out if all dogs do go to heaven’.”




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