NonBinary Review 8: Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

All of the stories, poems and other literary works in Issue 8 of NonBinary Review are connected in some way to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. The first section correspond directly with specific chapters, while the work in Part Two connects with the book as a whole. There are excellent stories in both sections: “The Pig”, “The State of the Art of War Against Entropy”, “Burning Pages in Gaza”, “The Cubism of War”, “Interview with Juan Weider”, and (full disclosure) my own story, “AlterMist”.

By using an existing work of literature as a touchstone, NBR curates a unified body of work, and the limitations of the form seem to bring divergent writing styles and expressions together without and kind of homogenization. Like I’ve found with most anthologies, journals, and lit mags, there were a few peices that weren’t for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed most of these pieces.

NonBinary Review is doing some great work. Support indie lit mags! Especially the good ones, and especially the good ones that are good to their contributors.

Recommendation: Buy it! read it! Tell me my words are pretty!


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