Powell’s Partner

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Powell’s is a great store. As much as I love browsing brick-and-mortar used book stores, sometimes I need (or want) a particular book. Powell’s is a real place, an independent bookseller, and one of the good guys. As such, instead of becoming an Amazon affiliate (a company that has consistently done some terrible things for book sellers, small presses, and readers) I’ve decided to become a Powell’s Partner. It’s not as lucrative, but I’ll sleep better at night (and I’m not expecting to make money with this blog anyway, just defray the costs of running things a bit).
If you’re going to buy a book, buy it at your local independent bookstore if you can. If you don’t have one nearby or need to buy online, please do me a favor and use my referral link. It won’t cost you an more, you’ll be supporting a great bookstore and my site will get a small fraction.
I’ll be posting links to the books I talk about. If you are planning to buy a book that I haven’t posted about, you can still get it through my referral link, or you can search Powell’s directly from the badge at the top of this page.


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